Aboriginal Cultural Protocols

The University has developed a set of Aboriginal Cultural Protocols to promote respectful relationships between the University and Indigenous Australians.

These protocols describe the difference between a 'Welcome to Country' by a Traditional Owner and an 'Acknowledgment of Country', and provide guidelines for when and how they are to be given.

The Cultural Protocols were approved by the University Council in June 2010. According to the University's Reconciliation Action Plan, an Acknowledgment of Country is to be held at all University events where the public are present while a formal Welcome to Country conducted by a Traditional Owner is usually reserved for major events or those of cultural significance. For further information on Cultural Protocols visit Murrup Barak website or for further Information and advice contact:

Reconciliation Action Plan at The university of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2011–13 was developed during 2010 and signed off by Senior Executive in December 2010. A second RAP was launched in March 2015.

The process of developing and implementing the RAP has been an opportunity for the University as a whole to reflect upon our contribution to Indigenous development in Australia and take positive steps to address the disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians in heath, employment and education.

For further information on the The University of Melbourne’s Reconciliation Action Plan visit http://www.murrupbarak.unimelb.edu.au/content/pages/university-melbourne-reconciliation-action-plan-rap.

Engaging Aboriginal Elders

Onemda has also developed a policy for Engaging with Aboriginal Elders.  For further information please contact Onemda on T: +61 3 8344 0813 or E: onemda-info@unimelb.edu.au.