About Us

Unfortunately the Onemda VicHealth Group was defunded in 2016. As such, much of the content on this website is out of date. The website remains active as a source of resources and information.

Onemda VicHealth Group is committed to research and teaching that is underpinned by principles of Indigenous community development and will lead to long-term improvements in Aboriginal health.

We value partnerships that will encourage and support the Koori Community to participate in our activities to ensure that the work we do is respectful and relevant. Since Onemda's beginning, we have appreciated the support of Community Elders and are proud to have three of them as our Patrons. We have also extended our partnerships beyond the local community by building national and international links. See our Community page for a full list.

Onemda has been founded on principles of Aboriginal leadership and our Koori staff make a significant contribution to the health research, policy and service delivery we undertake. However our staff come from a diversity of cultures, as well as having a variety of professional backgrounds. Between us we have training and experience in health services, community development, policy and research.

We take care to build an academic program based on Indigenous values and principles, but which also respects the contribution and cultural background of all those that work with us. Our approach brings perspectives from staff in a variety of academic disciplines including health sciences, social sciences, history, political science, education, health promotion, public health and child health. We collaborate with many departments in the University of Melbourne, where we are based, and advocate for community-driven research both within and outside the university.

Onemda VicHealth Group is located in the Centre for Health Equity within the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. The Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control (CEITC) was based within Onemda from 2003–14, but closed in June 2014. From 2004–14, Onemda also hosted the LIME Network, a project of the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand, which currently sits in the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health in the Faculty of MDHS.