Community Development

Community Development is an integral part of Onemda's activities. We aim to increase the capacity of the Koori Community to identify, participate in and conduct research that the Koori Community and organisations want to happen.

'Onemda has done great to have the current partnerships formal and informal, Koori and Non-Koori that it has accomplished in a relatively short time. Onemda is always developing and working in a meaningful way with its consultative processes with Aboriginal Communities and People. The quality of work that Onemda is doing wouldn't happen without its many partners and collaborators in the Aboriginal community. I know Onemda will continue to develop future partners and collaborators in all aspects of its work, especially in research, teaching and learning, and to produce literature and better outcomes to inform and support members of the Community. Onemda will continue to work with good governance and program management.'

Aunty Joan Vickery, AO (Onemda Patron)

How Community Development works within the Unit

Onemda has a strong commitment to Community Development, which is seen as the bridge that links the Community and the Unit to each other. It provides a framework for us, as a Unit, to connect with the Community so that we can work together collectively. This program works with Koori Community programs and incorporates a range of strategies that are sustainable to specifically address the problems of research within the Community.

Community Development permeates all aspects of the Unit including research. It informs the research agenda within the Unit, as it is Community Development that is the voice of the Community in conveying the priorities the Community has identified. Community Development is a mutual process of capacity building that is taking place within the Koori and research communities.

Onemda holds Community forums, seminars and lectures, runs capacity building workshops, and publishes a wide variety of research reports as well as Talkin' Strong our Community newsletter. 

Activities Onemda is involved in include:

Capacity building
Community workshops

Talkin' Strong days
Community reports

Talkin' Strong newsletter
Research findings