Health Enablers

Health Enablers This central tenet of Onemda’s work has positively impacted on improving health literacy, clinically effective care, evidence-based practice, and the monitoring and evaluation of quality improvement strategies in health care and other systems. Through a social determinants approach, this area will demonstrate connections between individual behaviours and wider societal/social environments and contexts – including education, racism, health workforce development and economics.


Project Name: Educating for Equity (E4E): Curriculum Mapping
Factsheet: Curriculum Mapping Project 

Project Name: Treatment guidelines, training and information resources about methamphetamine (ice) use for Victorian Aboriginal communities
Factsheet: Information Resources About Methamphetamine (ice)

Project Name: A new resource sheet on inhalants, co-authored by Sarah MacLean, has recently been released
Factsheet: Inhalants

Past Projects