Health Mentors

SBS website, 29 April 2009
Celebrating strengths, learning, hard work and commitment to community are just some of the ideas behind a new film and report just released by the Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit.
Called 'Sharing our stories, Building on our Strengths', it focuses on the work of two Aboriginal health workers Anthony Brown from the Koori Kids Adolescents Unit and Troy Austin, president of the Fitzroy Stars Football Club.
The two men, and a number of others, were mentored through a process that led to them presenting at the world conference 'From Margins to Mainstream' last year.
Onemda says the whole experience was so inspiring, it decided to make a movie about it!
Michelle Lovegrove speaks with Paul Stewart, a Research and Community Development Officer at Onemda, about a process that revealed some incredible life stories.