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Special edition of the Australian Journal of Primary Health

19 Nov 2014

The Onemda VicHealth Group at Melbourne School of Population and Global Health and La Trobe University launched a special edition of the Australian Journal of Primary Health entitled Health Promotion in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Communities on Wednesday 19 November 2014. The volume, edited by Kerry Arabena, Kevin Rowley and Sarah MacLean, includes

Painting a True Picture of Indigenous Health

10 Oct 2013

When a baby is born in Victoria, certain information is collected and catalogued. But not many of us know that, up until 2009, the information collected at the birth has been about the baby’s mother, leaving the father largely out of the picture.

Children's safety should be the priority

The Australian, 14 December 2007
In her opinion piece for The Australian, postdoctoral research fellow specialising in Indigenous family violence, Dr Kyllie Cripps, strongly criticises the Queensland judiciary for failing to hand down a custodial sentence to nine men guilty of raping a 10-year-old girl. 'It

Health Mentors

SBS website, 29 April 2009
Celebrating strengths, learning, hard work and commitment to community are just some of the ideas behind a new film and report just released by the Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit.
Called 'Sharing our stories, Building on our Strengths', it focuses on the work of two Aboriginal health workers Anthony Brown from the Koori Kids

Improvement in Indigenous Health

Interview on Health Report, ABC Radio National, 7 August 2006

National Curriculum Framework for the inclusion of Indigenous health in medical curricula launched

The University of Melbourne Media Release, 27 August 2004
Former Governor General, Sir William Deane and senior Indigenous health authority, Professor Lowitja O'Donohue launched the new curriculum framework. The project, which was hosted and delivered by Onemda aims to improve, strengthen and develop core and vocational

Racism 'weakens Indigenous health'

The Age , 14 March 2008, p 3
Racism toward Indigenous people undermines their health, a new paper says. Studies show that three out of four Aborigines experience racism in everyday life, and that racist experiences are associated with depression, psychological distress and substance abuse. reducing racism

Reducing smoking key to closing the gap

National Indigenous Times, 13 March 2008
NineMSN, 13 March 2008
The AAP reported that an inaugural Parliamentary Showcase of Aboriginal Health Research would be held in Canberra, on Thursday 14 March. The AAP article highlighted that Viki Briggs, manager of the

Research works better 'in Koori Hands'

The Koori Mail, 7 October 2008
This article featured a new Onemda report titled We Can Like Koori Hands, which was launched at the Koorie Heritage Trust on 7 October 2008. The report presents findings of several workshops held around Victoria this year. The workshops discussed Koori health research and were run

The quiet healer

The Age , (Insight) 3 May 2008, p 10
This article introduces Onemda Director, Ian Anderson, as an Aboriginal doctor breaking family and societal norms, is a trailblazer in Indigenous health who has set his compassion and intellect to the task of fighting inequality.

Using abused children to get elected

The Age, 30 June 2007
In his opinion piece for the Melbourne news paper, Ian Anderson analyses the real nature of the intervention in the Northern Territory, including the setting aside of the recommendations made by the very report used by the Australian government as the justification for the intervention.

Utopia points way for health

The Australian, 4 April 2008
The remote Northern Territory community of Utopia has mortality rates that are 'strikingly low compared with other Indigenous populations in the territory', bucking the national trend. These good results, found in a study conducted by a team of researchers that