Onemda's research program addresses priorities identified by Aboriginal people, communities and others with an interest in Aboriginal health policy and practice. It primarily focuses on issues important to the Koori community of Victoria, as well as projects which are more broadly identified as priorities.

We work with local Aboriginal community organisations and researchers, as well as organisations and researchers with an interest in Aboriginal research nationally and internationally. Our projects investigate and evaluate health programs, services and policies to produce evidence on the most effective way to improve Aboriginal health in the long term.

Our research has a particular focus on developing the workforce – both researchers and health practitioners. We design research to reflect and respect Aboriginal culture. We work with Aboriginal organisations who share their insights and experience on community priorities, research methodology and design. The design of our projects aims to develop the skills and leadership of Aboriginal people.

The outcomes of our research inform the development of Aboriginal health policy and health service delivery, and the education of health practitioners.  See our Research themes below for more information on our research projects:

Early Years
Culture and Identity
Good Population Data
Health Enablers
How we Teach, Learn and Research